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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Rushing around to get all everything done that has piled up since I left last Thursday. Unfortunately, uploading the Redlands pics has to take low priority right now - I’ll get to it soon. I have even been neglecting my Lance site and DC team site... April is going to be a crazy, busy month. I’m going to volunteer to course marshal with a local bike club’s annual century ride next Saturday, be in Morgan Hill to cover the Specialized Morgan Hill Grand Prix on Sunday morning and early afternoon, and then rush down to Laguna Seca for the final Sea Otter meeting at 4 pm. Then I’m basically gone from April 13th thru April 25th with the Sea Otter and Tour of Georgia. And, by the way, working to try to earn enough to pay my bills - small details like this get in my way of totally living the cycling life.

I did take a few minutes to read an excerpt from Linda Armstrong Kelly’s book, “Raising Lance, Raising Me” on MSNBC (link is below). USA Today just had an article about Linda’s book by Sal Ruibal (he’s a great guy - I’ll run into him at Georgia, I know). It was nice to see that, in a sidebar, they mentioned Tour de France for Dummies “by a trio of seasoned sports writers” - they said by “podium girl gone bad Sammarye Lewis”. Maybe it will sell PGGB books, too!

I’m sending in my Nikon D2h for repairs this morning - I looked in some photographers discussions groups (, and Robert, and I am appalled to see how many photogs have had the same autofocus/metering problem. Like about a hundred just in those groups! I knew there was a problem and thought that my camera was not one of the defective ones, and zap! It just went blooey while I was shooting the race. It’s clear that there is a major defect in the circuit board or something. And I had just ordered a second one before I left for Redlands! The Nikon service center rep started talking repair costs and I said, “No Way!” These folks are gonna fix this thing under warranty - it’s only three weeks past the one-year warranty expiration.

So, there’s Gent Wevelgem tomorrow, and the guys are doing the Vuelta Ciclista al Pais Vasco right now. I hear that Tom was trying to ride to the finish with a flat tire and was really squirreling around on the descent on that pancake tire. Guess the team car was stuck way back, and he finally got a wheel from Mavic. Paris-Roubaix and Classica Primavera are coming up on the 10th. Lotsa busy guys and lotsa sore legs....


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