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Friday, March 25, 2005

The DC men finished the last stage, a time trial, at Setmana Catalana, with Tom Danielson at 2nd, Chechu at 9th and Jurgen at 10th. Tom flew in to move from 10th in the GC up to 4th and Chechu ended up 6th in the GC. These guys are riding so well together... What a great team we have this year - the Spring Classics guys (when they all get well again) are so fine - both teams are tops....

The Tour of California is the big news right now - lotsa publicity at the World’s Track Championships in LA. I guess the big official announcement will be on Friday afternoon. I sure hope that a sponsor steps up - a title sponsor is so difficult to find in the cycling world. The two elements that a major cycling event has to have, absolutely has to have, are a major sponsor and major live television coverage. If the organizers can come up with those two elements, then the race can go... Sponsors with that kind of deep pockets are few and far between.

It would be an incredible event, and has been in the wind for months, now. Likely will start in Southern Calif and wend it’s way north. I originally heard it would be up thru Sacramento and into the Sierra foothills and then back down toward Napa and on to San Francisco. I don’t actually know what the route will be, and likely it’s in the planning stage right now. Maybe Lumpy, the guy I worked with in planning the first Tour of Georgia, will (or already is) involved in the route planning. Hope I get to work this event, if it happens!


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