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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Well, my blogging got aced out by Tour de France for Dummies duties again. As I said, we are doing the final Author Review and it is chapter by chapter - just checking to make sure that everything is in place. Phil Liggett, being the busy (and I mean busy) world traveler, is finishing his review in GB before he heads out to the boonies in South Africa. From what he says, his internet and phone connections are iffy at best when he is home. James and I have the luxury of being able to reliably connect from home or travel.

I guess we all take our phone and internet connections for granted - yeah, there are minor glitches and disconnects. But when I hear Phil’s unreliable communication resources in South Africa, and then hear from the Discovery Channel Team guys about how long it takes to get phone and internet service in Spain, I think we’ve got it pretty good!

Speaking about the Discovery Team, Milan-San Remo was real tough on the guys who rode. Max didn’t start - had a toothache and a cold, George didn’t start due to a respiratory infection. Hayden Roulston came on the roster last minute. Both Leif and Pavel went DNF - wouldn’t be surprised if they were coming down with something, or fighting it off. Roger Hammond, who is so tough and feisty, came in at 21st, with the same time as Petacchi, the winner.

Heads Up for Sirius Faction Lance Armstrong Live radio show. It is indeed live from Europe tomorrow, Sunday, but the time has changed to 2 pm Eastern. That will be 11 am, my time. I was trying to set the changed time to record, but it wasn’t working on Thursday night - My PVR only gave me the choice to tape the whole day. I’ll try today to set it for one hour, but I now I’m gonna add an half hour before the show and a half hour later to make sure I catch the entire program. I am thinking that it may be iffy for me to tape his show while I am at Redlands, Sea Otter and Georgia. We’ll see....


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