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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tirreno-Adriatico and Paris-Nice are both running at the same time, but with vastly different weather. P-N has been miserably cold - Lance abandoned with a fever and sore throat, and Tom Danielson said it was so cold yesterday that he couldn’t believe the race could be run. It was something like -3 or -4 degrees in the morning, with the roads like ice. The shortened stages are fast - that’s the only way the guys can try to stay warm!

The planning for the Testarossa Vineyards Cat’s Hill Classic is coming along nicely. It’s on May 7th this year. It is always the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Parking is always such a problem for the racers and spectators. But this year, Testarossa Vineyards is offering race parking in their event parking lot, and will have a shuttle, a “cable car” shuttle, to transport racers and spectators to and from the race. Throw in a little wine-tasting after the race and it’s all good! So pass the word around - the Testarossa Vineyards is located in what used to be the Novitiate at the top of College Avenue - a really beautiful location.

Speaking of Tom Danielson, his new website will be up in the next week - it will be handled by Chris Brewer (Lance’s webmaster) so it should be a good one. I told Chris I would send along a few shots, but looking through what I have from training camp, I realized that Tom was riding with the Spring Classics group, while I was hanging out with Lance and the Tour group. So not a lot of opportunity to get shots of Tom....


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