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Friday, March 04, 2005

Well, we’ve all had an overabundance of press stories about the knock-off Live Strong Yellow Band sellers: fake yellow bands got several merchants in New York in deep doo-doo, but they got out from under the long arm of the law by donating to the LAF - I seriously doubt the amount of their donation equaled the amount of their sales profits. But, hopefully, it will put a stop to the sleazy retailers who sell yellow knock-off bands to people, at least in New York.

And then there are all the other fund-raising organizations who have jumped on the band wagon (sorry, I just had to say that), with their own colors and causes, and good on them if it helps with fund-raising. But I just read a press release about the newest campaign band from a poison control center in Pittsburgh. OK - get this - It is neon lime green, with an image of “Mr. Yuk” on it - the purpose is to educate and warn children about poisonous substances that are dangerous to ingest. Mr. Yuk is also know as Mr. Poison Face, and the neon green bands are being sold as part of a poison prevention and awareness program.

So if you see anyone wearing a lime green Mr. Yuk band, the Poison Face band is not a statement about one of Lance Armstrong’s rivals at the Tour de France. But then maybe Mr. Yuk/Poison Face could be used to make a comment about the sleaze journalism of one David Walsh - how about that idea?

Unless it’s pouring rain, I’m heading over to the McLane Pacific in Merced early tomorrow morning - so the blog entries will probably be at night on Saturday and Sunday.


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