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Sunday, February 27, 2005

It was so cool to watch George win at Kuurne Brussels Kuurne! Stijn rode a great race - he just fried Boonen on that last climb and last kilometers. He is a great rider, too... Keep your eyes on him... Leif and Hayden and Jurgen all did their share, too - all the guys worked hard for that win. And great tactics by Dirk Demol. He vowed before the race that the D-Men would win and get revenge for Het Volk.

It was just great on - I am going to become a crusader for them. Maybe if we all wrote to them, they could get the Vuelta or Giro, too. I wrote and told them that I thought all of us cycling fans in America would gladly pay $10 to watch - Hey - I’d pay $10 a stage viewing - what the Hell - that’s what credit cards are for! How else would most of us see it? And I am now getting used to Anthony and the tech guy, Simon, as announcers. They are OK to me.

So Lance’s show will be on in less than an hour. I’ll give you all a recap of the Sirius Radio Live Strong Lance Armstrong show tomorrow. He and Sheryl were flying out to Los Angeles to appear at a cancer event, either last night or tonight. So I don’t know if his show will be live or taped... I don’t think they will be at the Academy Awards, but maybe - who knows? I do know that he is flying out to Europe right away.

Planning meeting for the Sea Otter went well. Heads up to all fans who live in the Monterey, Carmel and Salinas areas. They are looking for folks to be Host Families for the racing teams. It is a great thing to do - you can have one or more of the team riders stay with you. Puts you right behind the scenes, and it’s a great thing if you have kids. The riders are all great people and very appreciative and thoughtful guests. You usually end up with some great team schwag and great stories to tell. Call 541-822-9845 and press the extension for Kendra if you can help out. Please pass the word along.

The good folks at Redlands have a great Host Housing program. The same riders stay with the same families year after year, and really become a part of that family. Trent Klasna stayed with the same family for years and years - they were great people and so involved with his racing. I’m sure that they will miss seeing him this year, since he has retired.


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