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Sunday, February 20, 2005

Trofeo Luis Puig had some tough climbs, but Max ended up fourth in GC with the final sprint. Altho the win went to Petacchi - he is kicking butt so far this season, with his fourth win. However, I notice that one of our D-Men, Stijn, was fourth in two of the four KOM Primes, and ended up 4th in the final Mountains GC. Stijn must be climbing really well. When I was following the team in training camp, Stijn never got dropped at all. He is looking real good this year. So is Volodymyr Bilenka.

Tried to listen to Frankie Andreu on Spoke Radio yesterday, but my Internet connection gave me grief, so I just heard bits and pieces of the show. Frankie is just the greatest guy - he knows cycling inside and out. The first time that I went to the Tour, I was with VeloSport Vacations for part of the time. Frankie was the celeb guest, and I had the good fortune to sit next to him on the motorcoach for about four hours. He is a funny guy, and writes the best diaries from the Tour. I always caught his USPS team reports. I hope he is going to write for Discovery Channel, and if not Frankie, I wish it were going to be me.

Don’t forget to catch Lance and Company on Live Strong - Sirius Radio program tonight. I record it on my PVR, but it’s weird to not have an image on the screen for playback - When I want to fast forward or reverse, there is no counter or anything to help one find the right stopping place. Just a little bar that misleadingly creeps along. I have the Sirius logo up on my sites, and if anybody clicks thru and buys, I make a few bucks. Unfortunately, GM forgot to click-thru when they put Sirius in their vehicles...


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