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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Art... Well, facial art - tattoos, that is. Big debate over David Clinger’s Maori tat on his face, but then Nicole Freedman pops up with a humdinger. Her face is a salt-water fish collage. I have to say that I have been given a lot of comments, even ridiculed, about my Go Lance tat on my leg, and my shoulder tat. Well, these two racers make my tats look pretty insignificant. What do I think about it? To me, its their face and their choice - to each his/her own. I think what sounds scary is having the tat removed from one’s face. I would really be worried about having scars and discoloration from remnants of the colors...

So Lance and Sheryl are going to be presenters at the Grammy Awards this Sunday. That is pretty cool - but I hope that they are not handed some dumb script to read, as is usually the case. I also saw that Sheryl was one of the models at a showing sponsored by Celestial Seasonings during New York Fashion Week. One fashion exhibit featured the Think Ink, Not Mink poster of a nude, tattooed-all-over-his-body, Dennis Rodman...


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