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Monday, February 07, 2005

Saw a great little movie tonight, “Sideways” that was filmed in Solvang. It is just so funny and true to life - I really recommend this movie. Sideways was playing at the Buellton Theater while I was at training camp with the team. I kept on saying I was gonna go see it, but I had stuff going on, and then different guys on the team borrowed my car several times, so I never got to see it while I was there. I’m kinda glad I waited till I got back - it was really fun to see the different places and remember being there, and following the team along some of the roads. Some of the guys went to see Sideways, George and Max and a couple of other guys. I bet the folks working in the theater didn’t know they had such famous cycling celebs in the house.

Just heard from Scott Coady, the Tour Baby guy. He tells me that he is taking a couple of groups to the Tour de France this year. Head on over to if you are interested. Scott was at the Solvang camp for a few days. He rode with the team a couple of times, but ..shhh, don’t tell him I told you, he got dropped on the hills. I think that he helped Dan Osipow plan the route when all the road closures happened due to the mudslides.

We had the Cat’s Hill Crit kick-off meeting tonight. It’s always fun when the whole club, mostly racers, gets together. We had our major sponsor there, Rob Jensen founder of Testarossa Vineyards. He’s a great guy and a great cycling supporter. Testarossa Vineyards sounds like an incredible place - stop by for a wine-tasting and tell them the Los Gatos Bicycle Racing Club sent you...


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