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Friday, February 11, 2005

Lance Armstrong

Lance on Oprah - what a great show! Lance and Oprah seemed to hit it off really well - they seemed quite fond of each other. Sheryl and Lance are a great couple - just so easy and comfortable together, and that’s the way they have been every time I’ve been around them. No pretense, no BS - just genuine, good people. But Lance always seems to surround himself with really fine people. One of those really fine people, his Mom Linda, sat in the audience - just glowing - she was so happy.

Of course, Oprah asked LA if he was going for seven - after a look at Sheryl, he said yes - absolutely. Oprah said she’d better let him go and start training... He didn’t say anything about having till next year to do it, or that he had lots of time to train for it, or anything like that. Hmmm... Wish she’d asked him where he was planning to be in July.

On his radio show, Lance said that Linda is Oprah’s biggest fan. When he went to visit Oprah to tape part of the show, and took his mom, he kept it a secret as to where they were going. So he was laughing today and said that his Mom made guacamole to take with them - they took guacamole and chips to Oprah’s house. Wonder if she served Shiner Bock?

I hear that Lance will be in Austin till the end of February and then head for Girona. That’s when the tough training will begin...


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