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Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday morning - that means a recap of the Lance Armstrong Live Strong radio show last night. I’ve heard from several of you who don’t get Sirius, and for sure, I’ll let you know what went on as long as I’m around here to listen. Yesterday, Higgs was at the Austin office with the broadcast equipment, and Lance was at his ranch with Sheryl and the kids. So LA was on the phone with Higgs.

Lance said he was gearing up starting now with his training and being a “monk” - that means no more Shiner Bock and Mexican food. Lance said he had trained about four and a half hours that day, with Dave Bolch motor-pacing him. He said Dave had a heavy foot - Dave wrote a message on the back window of the Subaru that said something like “Get Going” - I can’t remember exactly what it was.

When asked about his decision to do the Tour, Lance said he was going to wait to make his decision and announce it later, but when he got to thinking about it, he realized that there was “only one race that got him up early every morning and got him to bed early every night” - and that was the Tour de France. It is what motivates him to ride, so he decided to go for it and announce it right away, instead of waiting.

Someone asked him how many miles he rides in a year. Lance said he thinks he may average over the year about 75 miles a day, with very few days off - so he did a rough guess of maybe 24-25k a year. Then he started musing about starting as a Pro 13-15 years ago and how many miles that would be. Or if he counted starting as a triathlete, or even starting when he got his first bike.

I had shot Lance an email during the show, telling him to put College in the back seat, and I would drive his motorcoach in Georgia - I don’t know if he or Higgs read the message, but about ten minutes later they started talking about College driving the bus, and his little boo-boos, dents and dings. Lance said he had convinced College to drive again this year. Lance mentioned something about College driving it to Philly.... Hmmmm.... So, guess I won’t need to take the bus driving course from Bluebell Coaches this year... Dudes - you bet your sweet bippy I could do it!

Lance brought Luke, Grace and Isabella on for a couple of minutes of that uninhibited, charming laughter and silliness that only little kids possess. It was funny, and Luke got some poop words on air, which obviously delighted him. Those are great little kids...

Lance said that the purchases of Live Strong bands during the Oprah show crashed the LAF server, and nearly crashed He said the total for that three-day weekend was 1.2 million bands sold.

Higgs and Lance said the show will originate in Los Angeles next Sunday, where they will compete with the Oscar awards. Almost every Sunday, they have some major competition from some big event... They said they are planning with Sirius how they will have Lance on the air every Sunday during racing season. They may have to tape some shows ahead of time because of the several hour time difference in Europe. Can’t see Lance getting up to tape a live show and then doing a stage of the Tour...

So that’s what I remember - Thanks for reading and thanks for all your great comments!


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