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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Well, I am going to watch the Omloop Het Volk and Kurne Brussels Kurne this weekend. Yes, I am... In my jammies with java and junk food.. Uh-huh .. that’s right... The Spring Classics begin.

Nope - I’m not doing a time warp to Belgium... I just signed up at and authorized 6.92 euro on my plastic money. Het Volk is a pay-for and KBK is a freebie. I ran the little equipment test and The Sufferfest flawlessly streamed in at 412 kb or whatever it was. Anyway, the reception was smooth, loud and clear. YESS...

OMG - Het Volk live! My calf muscles tensed up, and my credit card started rattling in my purse. In a flash, I was turning off the pop-up blocker and putting up with a bunch of pop-up windows from the UK. Pop-up: register, Pop-up: credit card info, Pop-up: pin number. Pop-up: Thank You. Valiantly battling the Earthlink red fist and the Zone Alarm firewall, I persevered to the top of the climb - I mean hung in through the “Print this receipt, write down your secret word, write down your hint in case you forget your password, and here is your Pin Number” end. I am now registered for Cycling.TV.

Now I have these great expectations for Saturday and Sunday morning. Rats - I just remembered that I have to drive down to Laguna Seca on Sunday morning for a Sea Otter team meeting. Bummer timing, but I gotta go. Maybe they have wireless at the Laguna Seca Communication Center (Duh - they should - but they are kinda shut down this time of year), and I can watch it on my laptop or on my T-Mobile Ipaq. Or, when the meeting is over, I can drive like mad to the Starbucks on the corner of Hwy 68 and 218 and catch the end of KBK. I love T-Mobile Hotspots... I love cycling....


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