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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

I just took a quick peek into a different world for me. Online Sports Betting. Nah - I’m not a gambler at all - No Way. If I’m gonna dump my dollars, I’ll do it on camera/ computer stuff, or getting to cycling events. But I got this email among my tons of junk/spam mail. It was about some online betting site that was giving odds on cycling races. The site was listed on the American Stock Exchange and they used Getty Images.

Caught my attention because it gave odds on what they saw as top guys racing the 2005 Tour de France. The site listed blackjack, carib stud, craps, red dog... and cycling? Wow! Does that mean cycling has finally made it into the mainstream of the American sports frenzy? Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and cycling - Take your choice and lose your rent money online.

So here are some of the odds that they quoted: Lance 4/7, Ullrich 9/1, Basso 11/2, Vinokourov 20/1, Kloden 9/1, Valverde 12/1, Mayo 25/1, Beloki 25/1, Mancebo 33/1, and the rest of the “field”, as they called it, at 15/1. I don’t know from nuthin’ about gambling, but I think I would give Lance at least 100%. But then, as Lance said to me when I talked with him on Sirius Radio, I’m the fan club, I’m supposed to say that!


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