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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Starting off with Lance Armstrong - sounds like he is getting his schedule organized. This Sunday is Paris-Nice and also on the schedule is Semana Catalana, Tour of Flanders, Tour of Georgia and the Team Time Trial in Eindhoven, Holland on June 19th. Also there is talk about him doing two Belgian races, the E3 Prijs Vlaanderen and the Brabantse Pijl on March 26 and 27th, but these aren’t confirmed... I don’t think.

Couple more of my images are up on Mike Creed’s site - they look really classy with a separate page for each photo on a bright blue background. Nice work by his webmaster and friend. Also, I just heard from VeloNews, and you will see a few of my images in Michael Barry’s book, I think. That will be very kewl...

Want to tell you, in response to a couple of emails, that I am not the Velogal that posts to cycling forums. There seems to be a more than a couple of people who are using my handle on forums and on Yahoo, etc. That is why I use thevelogal at yahoo dot com. If you are sending mail to me without “the” in it, you are not sending it to me. If someone is answering you, pretending to be me, let me know what “I” say about cycling and life in general...

Also, I see there is another round of crap spam using one of my email addresses faked. I blocked out my own email address as spam... So, I’m definitely not gonna sit right down and write myself a letter, or whatever the words of that old song are....


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