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Monday, March 14, 2005

My usual Monday morning Lance Armstrong Live Strong Sirius Radio Show report: The show was taped last Friday, with Lance in Girona and Higgs in Austin. Lance says he is recovering from his virus and did a training ride in freezing rain and snow. Said that on the return loop of his long ride, he was the coldest that he has ever been on the bike.

Lance said that he is trying to get healthy and get in shape, and that this is the first year that his racing schedule has not been clearly defined. He and Johan will look at races that will prepare him for other races, like Flanders. Lance said that the Classics team is kicking ass right now, and that he is going to have to prove himself good enough to ride with them, especially after P-N.

Higgs said that they had received several suggestions for guests from fans, and the most requested person was Howard Stern. People also asked for Robin Williams and Eddy Merckx. They took a couple of taped calls from listeners: one gal asked if there were any superstitions at the Tour. Lance said not really, but now that he has previewed the stages and won, he has to preview the stages every year so he won’t jinx them. So he guessed maybe that was a superstition. Then he remembered that, at team meals, they pass the salt from hand to hand - they never set the shaker down on the table between the guys using it, or it’s bad luck. And he always gets on his bike from the left...

Lance and Higgs talked about the big press hysteria over Lance’s statement about the 2012 Olympics being held in Paris. Guess some AP reporter seized the opportunity to grab some notoriety by calling Lance a two-wheeled weasel for not supporting New York City. Lance said he was being diplomatic because he is riding in France, and Paris is an excellent choice, but if he had to vote, of course he’d vote for NYC. He said don’t anybody ever accuse him of being un-American.

Higgs put in a plug for CSE’s Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival on April 7 -10th in Austin, so if you want to experience the best, head on over. For info: Lance said no more wine and good food for him, he is in training now, for real.

Lance and Higgs talked about the good food at Los Olivios Cafe during training camp at Solvang. (I can vouch for that - the food is excellent!) Then the two of them stopped for a few minutes at the gambling casino a couple of miles out of Solvang. Higgs said it was depressing with all the people smoking and dragging their oxygen tanks along with them to gamble. (Read emphysema here, folks). Higgs said Lance won some chance for a drawing, and when he filled out the ticket, the dealer saw the name Armstrong on the paper and said, “Oh, just like the astronaut, huh?” He hadn’t a clue who Lance Armstrong was...

Speaking of no clue, they took a voice mail question from some guy who wanted to know if Sheryl’s dress at the Awards was really made out of Lance’s yellow jerseys - clear that up for us, he said. Duh.... Right - Roberto Cavelli just whipped up a designer gown out of yellow jerseys...

So, I took the weekend off from blogging, but it was so great to see Pavel Padrnos take a third and be on the podium at Tirreno-Adriatico. He was in a breakaway group that stayed away almost the entire time. Pavel is like Eki - absolutely as tough as nails, doesn’t say much, gives total support for Lance and the team, and is a damn fine rider and person.


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