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Monday, March 21, 2005

Time for the Monday morning Lance Armstrong Live Strong Sirius Radio report. It’s kinda long - they talked a lot yesterday, and it did come on at 11 am here in the Bay Area. Lance was in Girona and Higgs was in Austin. They took several live calls...

Lance said his training is going along “amazingly”. Said he had thought that his training hadn’t been that good, but now that his health is better, he sees that his training was right on track. Lance said that his SRM watts show that he’s putting out a good number. Said he’s been riding with Tom Danielson and Levi Leipheimer and a lot of guys, and he is doing amazingly well, considering he had the fever and virus. Lance said that he will be hitting his training hard this week - Flanders is in two weeks. Said that the weather is inconsistent there - it’s an epic race, hard, hilly and cobblestones. The weather could really be a factor.

Lance asked Higgs what was going on in the Austin music scene - seems that the South By Southwest Festival is going on, and Higgs is so with the local music scene - he cruised around the local venues and caught the scene.

They took a phone call that asked Lance how he gauges his passion for cycling, since he had said in the past that when he lost his love of cycling that he would quit. Lance said that he questioned it when he was 140th and sick at Paris-Nice, but now he is totally focused and lovin’ it - he is kicking ass now. Said he’d rather go out on top, and if he wins the Tour, this might be his last one.

Lance said he is tailoring his schedule to be with his family as much as possible again this year. Lance said he is committed to providing jobs for his team and staff for the three-year contract with Discovery Channel - they’ve been loyal to him and he will be to them for the length of the team contract.

Guess that Sheryl’s bike disappeared there in Girona, but Lance said she got it back. Gave no other details,(and I am curious about what happened - whether it was ripped off or what). Lance and Higgs said that next week, Sheryl will be guest DJ on the program and select the music. She’s been giving them grief about not playing more stuff from women artists. So send her questions or comments or voicemails for next week.

Lance congratulated Bobby Julich on winning P-N, and said that it was one of the biggest victories of the racing season - it is huge for Bobby and for America. He said, “Hats off to Bobby”.

A caller asked how his 1993 Core States victory in Philly ranked in list of wins. Lance said it was one of his sweeter ones, and it’s hard to believe it was twelve years ago. Said he had “no chain” on the Manayunk wall that day - it was a beautiful day and beautiful crowds. Lance said he wanted to do Philly this year, but it coincides with Dauphine Libere, and D-L is better training so close to the Tour.

Another caller asked Lance if any MTB stuff was in his future - the caller had seen Lance at Deer Valley. Lance said he had the worst leg cramps there that he’s ever experienced in his life. Lance said he will probably do MTB races in the future, when he is not risking his cycling racing with injuries, but that it will be local stuff, not NORBA events.

Question about his Orange County Chopper, and is he riding it, or what does he ride? Lance said his Live Strong Chopper is on Tour - he’s only ridden it twice and nearly took a dive off the stage on it, in front of 5,000 Nike employees. (If you remember, at a Nike employee presentation, he came up the ramp to go onstage, going too fast, and nearly flew off a five-foot drop). Lance said that was scary... He said he’s had a ten-year old, inherited Harley that he had reconditioned, but that he is sending it to Belgium. Seems that a top boss at Berry Floor is badly wanting it, so Lance is giving it to him.

A caller asked about Rex, Lance’s lab puppy who has a heart murmur. Lance says that things are on hold while Rex (and his heart) are still growing. Lance said that he’s never had his own dog before, so to have this dog that Sheryl gave him be sick is pretty devastating to him. He will do whatever he needs to do to get the best care for Rex.

Finally, (I told you that they talked a lot!) a caller asked about the Tour de Georgia. Lance said that it’s really a great race, he loves the course and the crowds, and there should be a big battle on Brasstown Bald this year - Lance will make a change and be using a 27. Heads Up! Lance said that he will make an announcement at the end of the Tour de Georgia that people will be interested in. Hmmm... quite a teaser. What do you all think he’s gonna say?


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