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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Greetings from Redlands - Talk about windy! My flight bounced around in the gusts of wind and everything that wasn’t nailed down was blowing across the freeways. My rental car was covered with dust and the guys said the cars got dirty as fast as they could wash them. It took me all of three seconds to decide to upgrade from the cheap-o car that I had reserved to something a bit more substantial in the wind. Alamo upgraded me to mid-size for only $5 more a day - can’t beat that..

So the time trial was up Mt. Roubidoux, where there were wind gusts of 40-50 mph, I was told. I took shots of the gals at the TT start, and then got distracted by a bunch of cops following a gal with a huge bloodhound on a leash. No, I’m serious... They came right across the park, with the huge nose-hound at full tilt. The big dog snuffed it’s way right bedside the start chute and slobbered all over some old guy in plaid Bermuda shorts. After sniffing his knees, the entourage took off again.

Too much for my curiosity, so I abandoned the TT and chased after this bizarre scene. I discreetly followed for a short distance (both the dog and me lumbering along), trying to get some shots (and did). I found out from one of the Security guys that someone had been murdered just a few hours before the race set up in the park. Bizzarro - Cyclists in spandex beside a bloodhound and cops chasing a killer. Loved it!! And... Man, that big ole hound was hot on some scent - I wouldn’t want him chasing me - he could have pulled a semi-truck behind him.

I finally got back to the race, but I must say it was a little dull compared to chasing after cops, dogs and bad guys.... Oh - who won? I dunno... I do know that Eki took the final stage of Three Days of Panne, which is so cooool! And Stijn took the overall win, which is awesome, since he has been riding his arse off since the season started. Nice reward for two hard-working Good Guys...


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