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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Oh Yes! - A morning watching cycling is a good morning. came thru with flying colors so I sent them a thanks, and got a hello back on air from Anthony, the race commentator. I think he does a fine job. Wish they could give us a race every weekend - it’s well worth the price to me. Today was 4.14 euro, that was $6 and change here, I think.

Yesterday, I heard from a fan in Belgium saying the weather was warm and wonderful. Today, it was 9 degrees centigrade, wet and stormy at the start. The weather in Belgium is so unpredictable, but then that is what makes it such a great place to race... I really love Belgium - been there twice, just following the Tour, and I’d love to go over for the Spring Classics - it’s a real dream of mine to just go over for a month or so and follow the races there.

So it was fun to see the guys signing in on the wall - here, we see the sign-in sheets out on tables, and I think at the Tour, too. Lance was interviewed and when asked what he’d been doing, he said hanging out drinking beer and eating pizza. Nah - just being a bit sarcastic... he’s been in the Canary Islands, training hard. He’s looking forward to the Tour of Flanders next week. (I don’t think that will be on - I hope I’m wrong). Lance said that Flanders is the “King” of the Spring Classics, and he is looking forward to helping George and Stijn there.

As the race came on, with about 75-80k to go, Lance punctured and had to wait a bit for the team car - once it got there, he had one of the fastest wheel changes I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t see clearly who the wrench was, bit I betcha that it was my buddy, Chris Van Rooesbruck. He is tops, and really changes a wheel at flash speed. Lance worked his way back to the peloton solo, he didn’t ask for any of the guys to drop back and bring him up. He almost got nailed by a lime green team car - it’s fender was just inches away from him - I don’t think the driver was paying attention. Lance had a word or two for them....

Heads Up! Lance’s radio show will be on at 3 pm Eastern, so that should be noon here where I am.... Says it’s a special Easter show, and Sheryl will be the DJ.


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