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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Stage 2 of the Three Days of Flanders didn’t show any D-C men in the top ten finishers, but Stijn is second in the GC. Tomorrow’s time trial may just give him the chance to take the jersey. He’s gonna have to fly!

I’m heading down to Redlands real early tomorrow morning, so look for the blog updates to be done at night the next 4 or 5 days. I ordered a Sirius Starmate to take along to Redlands, but unless it comes today, I may not be able to do a Monday update on Lance’s radio show. I’ll get someone to set my PVR - but, so far, the Faction schedule isn’t out about when the show will actually be on - I have it set for 6 pm, my time, but it’s been a few hours earlier the last two Sundays.

Spent the morning doing final reviews of my photos and captions, plus the first five chapters for the Tour de France for Dummies book. It’s all good, so far! All authors review all chapters of the book and away it goes to Production....

So hang in with me, I’ll post what I can, when I can, and put pics up in my smugmug gallery. It will be weird without any Discovery team there....


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