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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Ok, Ok - the OLN-Discovery-Dan Osipow thing was a little Velo joke. From Velonews via Velogal for April Fool’s Day. The clue was “I saw in the news...” Most of you caught it, I know...

Speaking of OLN, I was standing along the barricades at the Crit course today in downtown Redlands when someone grabbed my hat - I whirled around and my buddy Frankie Andreu was standing there, with that cute, devilish grin he has. Frankie is just the greatest guy and I totally adore him - he is just so genuine and real - no big star-big head guy. He’s funny and smart and knows cycling inside and out. His Postie reports and journals have set the pattern for dozens of other cyclists, but his are always the best. I still find his early reports when I am Googling cycling info - I stop and read them - they are still so interesting.

So we shot the breeze for a while - OLN is covering bits and pieces of Redlands and Sea Otter for their Cyclysm Sundays. Not sure if they are gonna do Georgia or not. Frankie said that he will be at the Tour again, so that’s great news. We speculated a bit about Lance’s big announcement, and the future of cycling here in the States, with Sponsors being so difficult to find.

Since I am working Sea Otter till the evening of Sunday, April 17th, I can’t fly out till Monday morning, and won’t arrive in Atlanta till evening on Monday, the 18th. That means I won’t get there in time for the big announcement - Bummer, but it takes a whole day to get there...

I still haven’t put up any pics yet - it is so time consuming to sort thru hundreds of shots... I had to proof the last of my chapters for the Tour de France for Dummies, so that took up my spare time today. Plus my Nikon D2h ate the biscuit yesterday. I have known that some of the D2h series have a big problem and have to be sent back for a new circuit board or something like that. I thought I was one of the lucky ones without a bug, but it got a “fatal” error and now I’m SOL. I have my D70 as a backup, but after having two cameras with different lenses, it’s the pitts... And it also feels weird to not have my team here at Redlands! I really miss being around the guys... Hey, be sure to check out the new AMD team site


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