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Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday morning and time for the Lance Armstrong Sirius Radio Live Strong report. One word: Re-run. Yep - it was a re-run of the show the weekend of Het Volk and K-B-K. The funny story about this is that I had bought the Sirius Starmate and brought it along with me so I could hear the show. I was at the Redlands final podium awards - keeping my eye on my watch and at 5:30, I walked over to my rental car in a parking lot and dug out the little Sirius Starmate (about the size of a pack of cancer sticks), the antenna cord, and the cigarette lighter plug-in cord.

When Sirius says “plug and play”, they really mean it! I plugged the antenna into the Starmate and stuck the little magnetized antenna pod on top of the car, then plugged the unit into the cig lighter and hit the on switch. I had pre-tuned an FM station on the car radio, and tuned the Starmate to that station, and set the Faction station, so I was instantly listening to Faction radio. I was under some trees and between a couple of tall buildings, so I drove down the road and parked in my hotel parking lot. Voila - perfect reception. And then..... The April Fool’s joke was on me - it was a re-run!

So, I highly recommend the Starmate - Go to my site and click the Sirius icon - for $99 you can get the auto version of the Starmate, and $12.95 a month (one month free on a year subscription), you can take your Sirius radio wherever you go. I’m told there is satellite reception in Europe, too, so I’m taking it to the Tour with me. Maybe I’ll sit beside Lance and listen to his show..

OK - remember I told you I had a blast on the moto at the Oak Glen stage of Redlands? Well, yesterday I was on a moto on the Shaver Sunset stage with a different driver and we dumped over....twice!! Going slow... whew!! Dudes - having an 800-pound Harley in my lap was a first for me... I only freaked out about whether my lone, remaining camera and super-expensive 70-200 Nikor lens was broken. It was not, so my bruises were insignificant. All’s well that ends well, so I’m heading back on a noon flight today.


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