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Friday, April 08, 2005

Thanks to one of my blog readers, Burt, for a heads-up that has an interview with George Hincapie and Roger Hammond that you can view for free. It’s a nice, long interview that looks like it’s filmed in a quaint Belgian cafe or hotel lobby. George is such a nice, modest guy - and so handsome! Roger is a great guy, too and really tough - he’s honest and funny and loves being on Lance’s team.

So Paris-Roubaix is tomorrow, and the final DC team start list is still waiting on how Roger Hammond’s injuries are doing. I guess he is riding now with his broken thumb - he was back on his bike the next day. But I can only imagine how all the banging and jarring of the pavé (cobblestones) would feel to someone hanging on to the handlebars for that entire race. Yeah, I know that the technique is to hold on loosely, but I’ve had a broken finger from playing baseball, and it hurt like hell when I used it... Much less having it pounded for several hours. Roger has been looking forward to riding P-R and has really been training for it. But it will be either Roger or Volodymyr Bilecka riding P-R.

Heard that Chechu is becoming quite the sprinter in Pais Velasco - he was right there in the bunch the last stage. This guy can do it all! Plus, he is working on his second degree in biomechanical engineering, or something like that. His wife is an attorney, so a very bright, well-educated couple they are.


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