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Monday, October 02, 2006

Yesss... The Sheryl Crow concert last night in Mountain View was so totally awesome. Sheryl was rockin' and smokin' hot - she did a high energy rock encore that had the entire place on their feet and rockin' out. She looked faboulously healthy, happy and high energy.

As her guest, I had super great seats up close and personal to the stage, a backstage pass and a highly-prized photo pass. The photo pass meant that I got to be right at the front of the stage for her first three songs. There were only about six other photogs with passes... It was just great.

Backstage, I got to chat with Sheryl for a bit, complete with hugs and her obvious joy at seeing me (Needless to say, it was quite mutual). There was a faily small group of folks who got to go backstage - maybe a dozen. I chatted with Odessa Gunn, Dylan and Jessica Casey, and Jim Ochowicz.

Before the concert, I spotted Peter Stroud, Shery's guitarist, walking very quietly out thru the gate. I went over to say Hi and give him a thank-you hug for a big favor he did for me... He's a real nice guy.... So I took lots of shots of him, too, last night.

John Mayer was super awesome and the crowd went wild for him, too. Marjorie Fair (nope not a gal, but a group of guys) opened the show. They have a great sound. Sheryl came out a did a song with them, which was a really cool statement about how much she likes their sound...

My Sheryl concert pics are up on Smugmug. Click the Link to have a look...


  • Great positive message, great pics, great girl in the pics.
    Thank you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:22 PM  

  • Great photos. Sounds like you had fun. Thanks for posting them. She's so great in concert.

    By Anonymous VA fan, At 5:26 PM  

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