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Saturday, September 16, 2006

OK - I admit it - I totally slept thru Stage 20 of the Vuelta this morning. I burned the midnight oil working on images of the interior of a home from an assignment that I shot a few days ago. Doing home interiors is a tricky thing... Shooting inside is so totally different than the kind of photography I usually do. Like the shot above at the Toyota Challenge Dew Action Sports Tour in San Jose... From his expression, I guess the next jump seemed a little scary for Cameron White of the Mongoose Team at the BMX Dirt Park. Or maybe he thought he was getting ready to crash into the hay bales near me, like some other guy did.

I was shooting at the end of the “runway” and some dude came flying right thru the bales and zoomed past, barely a foot away from me. Later, I saw it on NBC - the cameras were right near me. We were all laughing and some guy said to me, “Damn, you didn’t even flinch”... The rider ran over the camera bag of another photog standing behind me....

So it looks like Egoi Martinez of Discovery has the Mountains Jersey in hand for the Vuelta, and Vino looks like the GC winner. Tomorrow will be the parade, just like the Tour de France. And the winners will stand on the podium, and pee in the bottles and wonder if somebody is gonna screw up their test results. Especially if their samples are tested in the cesspool at Chatenay-Malabry.


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