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Saturday, September 09, 2006

A little change of pace for Velogal - I’m shooting the Dew Action Sports Tour - Toyota Challenge in San Jose this weekend. So totally Extreme... I was there from about 1 pm till 11 pm yesterday, and it was a happenin’ place last night. I’m shooting for - cool bunch of guys, and great coverage of Extreme sports. I’m doing the Lifestyle shots, rather than the action shots, but couldn’t resist the above shot.

Also shot the big concert for them last night - Dilated People opened for The Roots - the place was packed - jam packed. Lucky me, I was one of a two or three photogs that got the front stage spots. While I was standing inside the security gate beside the stage between sets, I was greatly amused by how some of the gals tried everything they could think of to wheedle their way backstage, from “my brother is in the band” to “ I forgot my backstage pass, but honest, I really have one”, to groveling and pleading, and lastly, to hip-gyrating bumping and grinding in front of the security guard. All to no avail - those guys have heard it all a zillion times.... is heavy-duty into the Extreme scene, so they sent me to get the shots. Look for a gallery the first of the week on my smugmug site. And be sure and check out - click on the link below.


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