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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tried to watch La Vuelta on - not a very pleasant experience - kept freezing up on me. The live-streaming action froze up with Discovery Channel on the track, and that’s all I saw through the entire finish and podium ceremonies. I could hear what was going on, but all I could see were the Discovery Channel rider’s backsides. From what heard, Sastre took the leader’s jersey for CSC - hard worker for his team and deserves some time in the spotlight. Discovery came in fourth at nine seconds back.

See that Andreas Kloden has signed with Astana for next year. He’s been talking Tour yellow jersey for 2007, but with Astana, it’s gonna be all about getting Vino on the podium. Kloden will be the super-domestique once again, I guess. Interesting decision...

Did you see the story that George and the DC guys were going to throw his Eneco second place award out the window of the team bus? He was really, really pissed alright. Some Dutch journalist or photographer rescued it, and the award is now sitting in a bar somewhere in The Netherlands... Can you say “Snakes on a Plane”? What did Samuel L. Jackson say about snakes on the plane? Maybe that's what George said....


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