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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

As the one-year anniversary of Katrina fills the media, let us not forget all the animals of Katrina. It is estimated that over 125,000 animals suffered cruel deaths from drowning or starvation - many at the end of chains in yards or porches, with no chance at all of survival. Although thousands of animals were rescued, it was only a small percentage of those who suffered and died. Go to the Link below to read an article in the Salt Lake Tribune, sent to me by Virginia. And go to Dogs Deserve Better to find out how you can help an organization that helps chained dogs. Ironically, as I drove around Utah, I saw many dogs chained in yards - out in the sun - no shade, no shelter, no companionship. Just there - Watchdogs? Pets? They deserve better than a degrading life on the end of a chain.

So I decided to bring my Mac from the office and watch the Vuelta on this morning, using wireless. It did not freeze up, not once. So the problem is either with my Earthlink DSL or with all the stupid anti-everythings that I have on my computer to protect it from all the cyber-nasties. The picture was a bit fuzzy on my Mac, but otherwise it was just fine. Mea Culpa, You know that I was one of your early supporters....

It was interesting to see in today’s Vuelta Stage 4, that when Fernandez, of Cofidis, went over into a ditch, that the Euskadel team mechanic helped him out and gave him a push to get going again.

Another good Discovery rider is leaving... Roger Hammond’s destination is still not announced, but it is a sure that he is leaving. He is such a great guy, so genuine and sincere - a good rider and hard worker. Roger will give to his last leg twitch for the team in a race. I will miss Roger - he has always been so nice to me. I wish him the absolute, very best.... The face of Discovery Channel Team is going to look very different next year, with several new European riders, I think....

And I see that Hayden Roulston is having to end his cycling career because of a serious heart problem. He has some scarring or something in one ventricle. I really didn’t get to know Hayden very well at training camp - he was pretty reserved and quiet when I was around them. And he usually rode in a different group than the one that Johan had me follow. I know he was kind of a wild child when he partied, and that got him in trouble. I also know that cycling means everything to him, so I wish him well, too. It is so difficult when one loses the thing that they love best, and the adjustment can be tough. It’s like the rug is suddenly pulled out from under you...


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