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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Egoi Martinez did a long, hard ride in the break-away group from early on in the race. He ended up in a trio of riders with Gustov and Landaluze. Egoi took off at about 4k to go, while the other two guys diddle-daddled around about who would do what. Egoi kept those lactic legs powering along, and took the stage win with a big grin. All the Discovery Channel guys wore black arm bands to honor the Discovery Channel television’s Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin. Irwin died in a freak accident yesterday while filming an episode somewhere around Australia.

Discovery Communications said in a press release that it began airing special tribute programming Monday night, on Animal Planet, to highlight Irwin's background and his passion for wildlife. On Sept. 10, the Animal Planet channel plans an all-day marathon tribute featuring the Best of the Croc Hunter.

Discovery will name the garden space in front of the headquarters building in Silver Springs the "Steve Irwin Memorial Garden." And it also will create a Steve Irwin Crocodile Hunter Fund called "The Crikey Fund," named for Irwin's catch phrase, that will be used for wild animal conservation, education and protection. Steve Irwin was really the person who made Animal Planet the huge hit that it is, and gave DC the humongous ratings.... What will they do without him?

Heard from a long-time reader, Burt, that Chris Brewer said on yesterday morning that Tony Cruz is rejoining Discovery Channel next year. I missed that, but hope it's true - would be nice to see Tony and his family around training camp and at local races again...

Photo of Egoi Martinez and Julien DeVries is from the 2006 training camp....


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