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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another media feeding frenzy - Frankie Andreu discloses that he used EPO on several occasions, in 1995 and then in his1999 preparation for the 1999 Tour de France. Another US Postal Team rider, who asked the New York Times to remain anonymous, (are you kidding me?) because he’s still in the sport of cycling, also confessed... for the good of the sport, they say.

So who was on the 1999 US Postal Cycling Tour de France Team? And who is still in the sport of cycling? Here’s the 1999 TdF team:
Lance Armstrong
George Hincapie
Tyler Hamilton
Frankie Andreu
Kevin Livingston
Christian Vande Velde
Jonathan Vaughters
Pascal Derame
Peter Meinert-Nielsen

And, from the bit I read on, it looks like Floyd Landis’ attorney, Howard Jacobsen, is revealing some potential MAJOR screw-ups in the idiotic French laboratory’s testing results... Here is an excerpt:

"WADA's own protocols require that all testosterone metabolite differentials provide clear evidence of testosterone usage to find an athlete positive. Given the data, three of the four testosterone metabolite differentials tested in Landis' sample are reported as negative considering the margin of error.

The only testosterone metabolite that can be argued as positive under the WADA Positivity Criteria resulted from an unknown laboratory error and is not the result of testosterone usage.

The one metabolite that has been identified by WADA-accredited laboratories as the best, and longest-term indicator, of exogenous testosterone usage was reported as negative in Landis' urine samples.

The single [positive] T/E [Testosterone/Epitestosterone] analysis in this case is replete with fundamental, gross errors. These errors include inconsistent testosterone and epitestosterone levels from testing on the 'A' sample as well as multiple mismatched sample code numbers that do not belong to Landis. In the case of the mismatched sample identification codes, the alleged confirmed T/E data on the 'B' sample is from a sample number that was not assigned to Landis. The differences in sample identification numbers also point to issues in the chain of custody of the Landis sample.

Clinical laboratories making these types of gross errors could easily find themselves answering to a wrongful death lawsuit, and often do.. At a minimum, those laboratory errors must go to the defense of the athlete and must result in a finding that the T/E results are wholly unreliable."

Holy Crap - if this is true, that French laboratory should be closed down immediately. Shoddy, sloppy, inept, incompetent, inaccurate, deceitful, libelous, reputation-destroying, career-ending procedures and results. There aren’t words enough to describe the totally F-U’ed testing process from that piss-poor excuse of a lab. It is just one unending CYA by everyone in the cycling governing organization, from top to bottom, about drug testing.

Multiple mismatched sample code numbers that do not belong to Floyd - OMG! And they released those results anyway? People - It is time to say enough! How about a total global boycott by all riders and all teams until the whole damn testing process is moved to that lab in Canada, or anywhere else where there is integrity and competency and accountability....


  • Most folks I know are guessing Vaughters as the usual suspect.

    Hincapie and Tyler - no way. Vandevelde - doesn't sound like an active cyclist is doing the talking.

    What say you?

    By Blogger nancytoby, At 11:30 AM  

  • Folks over at Podium Cafe have Livingston as the likely suspect. Frankie would have been better off if he would of just said "look I took EPO, it was my shortcoming". Instead, his wife blames Armstrong. It's old, my 17 year old does the same thing, I did it but so and so told me to. And if the EPO issue was so troubling to Frankie, why NOW? Why have Betsy contribute anything to the confession, since it is so obvious that she hates Lance. Again, I'm no fan Lance, but it really looks like sour grapes to me. JoAnn

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:25 PM  

  • Ann, Floyd's team is finally on to something worth debating. The lab, their protocols (or lack of protocols). And my favorite is Floyd demanding a public hearing. If the WADA is going to demand that riders prove their innocence before the riders have even seen the evidence let's see if the lab can stand up to similar scrutiny. Go get em Floyd! JoAnn

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:33 PM  

  • That lab should have been closed down last yaar.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 3:16 PM  

  • I agree why are they using the lab with a track record of mishandling samples and after the whole Armstrong 6 year old samples being altered then tested then reported as positive. This lab has lost all credablity. And go get them Landis, demanding a open hearing is great. It clearly seems like he has nothing to hid. And Frankie and his wife are just plane bad news. "Sour Grapes" I agree. He should have come clean when he was making claims about others.

    By Blogger Trekdms, At 10:24 PM  

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