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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Road cycling is winding down - the most movement now is riders changing teams. Astana and T-Mobile are doing/have done some serious recruiting, and both teams are looking pretty good for next year. T-Mobile will do a presentation shortly, with names of riders who have signed on. As I said a few days ago, Michael Barry will join the T-M team - he signed on with them, for two years, before the Vuelta. Dede Barry, Michael’s wife and ex-Pro racer, was with Bob Stapleton when she was riding with the women’s T-Mobile team, so Michael knows and trusts Bob as the new head honcho of T-Mobile. Now word is that Axel Merckx will be with T-Mobile next year. Axel has moved around thru quite a few teams over the past years.

I have to give credit to the T-Mobile organization for staying with their support for cycling, and not abandoning their sponsorship like so many others have done. T-Mobile is so identified with cycling that it is really an extension of their branding. So, instead of dropping their sponsorship, they are cleaning house, starting with an American manager, Bob Stapleton, who vows to have a clean team with integrity and drug-free. You can read an interview with Bob Stapleton on the T-Mobile website by clicking on the Link below.

Discovery Channel is looking to the future, and are signing young riders, like Fuyu Li of China. I’m sure you’ve read the press release from PJ Rabice on every cycling site, so I won’t repeat it here. PJ did note that Discovery Communications has emphasized the importance of having an international team, which is giving such a great opportunity for young riders like Fuyu, and Fumi. Johan really has the eye for signing young guys, like Janez. Johan and Dirk know just how to bring them along without undue pressure and demands.

Photo is from this year’s training camp - Janez is smiling for my camera, while Zap Espinoza (from Trek) is getting a shot at some part of a Trek bike.


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