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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bummer - we’re losing more of my favorite riders on the Discovery Channel team. Michael Barry is leaving the team, and so is Benoit Joachim. Michael will ride for T-Mobile and I think Benoit will go to Astana. That makes five of the guys who have supported Lance in his seven Tour de France victories. Ace, Triki, Eki, Paolo and Benoit all rode with Lance at the Tour. All of these guys rode to the absolute end of body limits every stage to get Lance to the podium. Eki, of course, is staying on as a Directeur Sportif, but it’s sad to see these guys go.

The Spaniards always borrowed my car, every year at training camp to go shopping. They always brought it back with a big box of chocolates. Max Van Heeswijk borrowed my car several times each year, and always returned it straight from the carwash, shiny clean, with a full tank of gas. Damn, I’m gonna miss those guys. And Michael Barry always had Dede there for a few days to visit - last year I got some of the cutest pics of them with their little guy. I sure hope he continues to write for us when he's with T-Mobile.

It’s kinda like losing family members when guys go. I do miss them. And it will be great to see Tony Cruz come home again. We’ll have lots more new faces as the season ends. Newest signings are Uros Murn of Slovenia and Gianni Meersman of Belgium. And, you know what? I’m hoping that Floyd gets his name cleared from that horrible cesspool French lab fiasco, and that we will see him on the Discovery Team in 2007.

And I see that Dave Zabriskie took second today at the Worlds Road ITT Championship. He was 1.30 down from Fabian Cancellara.


  • Definitely the end of an era. I also was sad to see Michael Barry go. I think when he's done with cycling, he'll have a great career as a commentator. It would be wild to see George, Levi, Floyd and Dave Z on one team.

    By Anonymous Amy, At 9:25 AM  

  • Very sad.

    But if I were Floyd, I'd never go back after Johan's comment. Belgian or no Belgian, they were too quick and uncalled for.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:53 AM  

  • Discovery is obviously doing this for a reason. While it is sad that these guys are going, its not like they are pushed out onto the streets, you know, you dont have to make the DC guys sound like right pr##ks.

    Its not right, its not wrong, its just different.

    I hope that Floyd can get himself out of the horible mess that was thrown at him. Wherever he goes, he will always do well as he is very strong in mind and body.

    It just seems to me like everytime I come onto the blog, someone has something bad to say about everything. You cant live life that way, LIVESTRONG, it really does sound like you sit at home and have nothing better to do than bad mouth about people, and really you have no idea whats really going on. Unless you are a close friend or family member, I dont think people can really judge others.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 2:00 PM  

  • To the previous poster :
    Sad that you have to scold someone else while you speak in slogans yourself.
    Livestrong, huh? You probably dress in yellow too.
    You're being more judgemental than the people you're "putting right".
    Stop living in slogans, it's not an election year.
    These people have a right to their opinion, and Velogal has a right to her opinion. Just like you do, even when you don't know what you're on about.

    By Anonymous Austinite, At 12:53 AM  

  • To Anonymous :

    It's her blog, she can say what she wants. She does not have to suck @ss to please you.

    If you don't like what she says, stop wasting your superior time reading it. Oh, unless you are a close friend or family member. *off course*. Or on the payroll.

    LiveStrong huh? Around here they don't buy that anymore. Seen too much.
    Keep dreaming.

    By Anonymous Susan - Tx, At 1:06 AM  

  • Sorry to say Velo gal, the Turnover at Discovery is reaching epic proportions!

    I like the blog. good luck!

    By Blogger pelotonjim, At 1:46 PM  

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