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Sunday, October 01, 2006

The news is now official that one of my favorite Discovery Channel team wrenches, Geoff Brown, is moving on. Geoff is one of the nicest guys that you will ever meet, and if you are in North America, you just might. Geoff will be wrenching for the Canadian Symetrics team next year, on the North American circuit. I am looking forward to seeing him more often, and Symetrics is lucky to have Geoff, as a top-notch mechanic. This shot is actually from the 2005 DC team truck.

I had a great time at Interbike, and seeing all my cycling buddies is just the best. This year, the very cool thing was to hang out in the shooting studio in the Media Center. Interbike had the Media Center up on the main floor of the Expo, as well as down in the lower floor. It was just great for the hard-working media folks to have a spot right in the middle of the action. What’s nice about Interbike is that the media who show up are almost all folks who are supportive of, and knowledgeable about cycling. So you don’t see all the yellow journalism, trash-talking press people there.

So I got to hang in the studio for as much as I wanted to, and had a great time with Simon, who manages all aspects of the filming and keeps everyone and everything on track. The two guys who are actually doing the technical work are pretty incredible, turning out the shows with just the equipment that you can see in my Friday shots at

Anthony did his usual, first-class job in front of the camera - he has such a great way of making people feel comfortable and interesting. The guys did eight hours of filming on Friday, and I have to say that Anthony was just as relaxed and friendly at the end of the marathon as he was in the first hour.

Simon was quite taken with Podium Girl Gone Bad (those guys know about everything that’s going on in the cycling world). He thought that zee wicked, leetle PGGB Thong (see Link) was a riot, so I gave him one to take home to his wife. I got interviewed by some extreme sport, totally rad website about PGGB, but I can’t remember the site name....

So I chatted with Phil Liggett, Bob Roll, George Hincapie (with hug), Dylan Casey, Freddie Rodriguez, Dave Zabriskie, Mario Cipollini (not much, since I don’t speak Italian), and missed Eddie Merckx on Wednesday, since I arrived on Thursday. I'm omitting a bunch of folks that I connected with, but it's kinda like a family reunion every year. Talked a lot with my photog friend, Mark Shimahara He's the guy who sent all those great Tour de France shots for this blog last July.

Tonight, (I am so totally stoked) from Sheryl Crow, I have two tix to her concert with John Mayal, backstage passes and TA DA.... a photo pass for the pit. It’s at Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View and it will be packed. I am so happy to get to see Sheryl - I haven’t seen her since October in Austin. She is absolutely one of my most favorite people. Hopefully, my pix will turn out and I have some show and tell for you tomorrow...


  • That is wonderful. I hope Sheryl is healthy and happy - she sure looks it. And I hope you have a great time. You so deserve it. Your messages of support on this blog are heart-warming.

    By Anonymous Ann, At 1:51 AM  

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