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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I took this image of Dave Zabriskie at Interbike 05 - he was signing autographs like crazy at the CSC booth. I’m heading out to Las Vegas early tomorrow morning to catch the last two days of Interbike 06. I’m missing some good autograph sessions today, like the Eddie Merckx appearance, but prior commitments means staying home till tomorrow.

No, I don’t get autographs from the riders, but it’s a great photo op. So, we’ll see who all will be around on Thursday afternoon and on Friday. Since I always have a media credential, I’ve been deluged with flyers and advertising promos from the folks who have booths there. However, I’m not in the celeb crowd, with all the parties and freebies, and flowing food and beer. It’s a humongeous event and a blast to attend. So, more from Interbike tomorrow night....

Link is to a story in the IHT, quoting Patrice Le Clerc (TdF honcho) in a L’Creep interview, where he calls Floyd Landis a “cheat” and says, “Anything that goes in the direction of the fight against doping is fine by me". Hmm, anything goes... Anything? Flawed lab tests, incompetence, gross errors, innuendos, statements of guilt before test results are released, guilt by association, press leaks to L’Creep, selling copies of lab tests to L’Creep writers... Certainly seems so - anything goes - And any semblance of truth is mired down, and disappears in the cesspool of Chatenay-Malabry


  • I'm SOOOO glad Dave removed that moss that was growing on his face.

    By Blogger nancytoby, At 7:28 PM  

  • L'Creep? Beautiful, I LOVE it!! I am so disgusted with all of the BS about Floyd, and of course all the US papers jump on the AP feed or whatever and reprint it ( as if it's the absolute truth) Especially a low blow on the day of Floyd's surgery( that's real good, kick him when he's down!!) Speaking of which, anyone heard how it went? Thanks for letting me rant a little.


    By Anonymous strbuk, At 11:37 AM  

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