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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Quick post this morning - lots to do today. I was going down to the Red Bull Road Rage in Malibu this Saturday. I think I mentioned it in an earlier post. In talking with the organizers, I was told that all photographs would belong to Red Bull, and just like the Cougar Mountain Classic, I could not sell any of my images. Well, I’d love to see it and do some photography, but not if I can’t make a dime back toward my travel and lodging expenses.

I just received an email a short while ago, announcing that Tony Cruz will be one of the contenders for that break-neck race down Tuna Canyon. Of course, that really makes me want to go even more, plus seeing my buddy, Steve Bauer, race again. And to top it all off, they said that Bob Roll will be there as announcer. In addition, Marty Northstein and David Clinger will participate.

Sure would like to see it! And in case you missed the Tour de France commercials featuring Bobke, the Link directs you to the site... Thanx goes to Cosmos for sending me the link....


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