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Monday, October 31, 2005

The photo is from the Saturday morning Kid’s Event at the Ride for the Roses. This little guy, whose name I don’t know, is a survivor. He’s out there playing and wearing a winner’s medal. He was wearing the most yellow bands that I have ever seen. I wear three yellow bands, and people give me a bad time about that sometimes. But I suspect that this little guy has gone through enough to earn the right to wear as many as he wants to. LiveStrong, little guy!

OK, let’s catch up on the Lance Armstrong Sirius Radio Show. I had a couple that were on my PVR - last night and the Sunday before. Last night’s show was taped from New York before the SNL show. Lance and Higgs were in the Sirius studio, and he featured guest was former President Bill Clinton via the phone.

The focus of the conversation was President Clinton’s work with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation (hope I got the name right). The main concern of this organization is prevention of childhood obesity, and raising awareness of the ramifications of obesity on long-term adult health - mainly diabetes. President Clinton asked for Lance’s help in making both kids and adults aware of diet and exercise as a prevention for so many debilitating adult diseases. Lance was very willing to do what he can to help.... LiveStrong means many things to many people.

The show of October 23rd was a re-run of the Sept 18th show, which I hadn’t heard. On this birthday show, Lance and Higgs kinda brought everyone up to date on what has been happening since the Tour de France. They talked about the NYC Gala, the Tour of Courage, the ACL Festival and George Hincapie Day in Greenville. Lance has been doing a ton of traveling.

Lance talked about taking a few days off in Nice, and having lunch with Bono, which turned into a drinking party that lasted till 3 am. However, Lance and company left mid-evening, much to Bono’s disappointment.

They talked about Lance’s ride with the Prez, and how strong he was. Lance joked that Bush was so unbelievably strong that Lance thought he should have a urine test or be tested for EPO, but Condi Rice said no, the President doesn’t do drug-testing.

On another topic altogether, the sleaze-bag, scum-bag spammers are using my fansite email address again for advertising and for sending viruses. So be warned that I am not sending out any mailings from LAFC, so if you receive one purportedly from me, delete and don’t open any attachments. I am not sending out any music files. Here is the return address from the message header of the latest spam scam I received from my own website address. ([])
Message-Id: <> is in Barcelona, and is Singapore. Probably faked, but a million curses on the sender’s head.


  • I thought he was really funny. The way he was laughing at the woman character Horacio Sanz was playing in the last skit and also singing to Cheryl with the two gardeners : "If we were in Africa would you be my Nubian Queen?", way too funny!!!

    By Anonymous Bill Hue, At 12:00 PM  

  • Hi Sammarye,

    Please gimme a mail? My computer crashed during the RftR weekend, I now have a new one but lost my entire address book. And I don't want my mail to end up between those idiots using your mail address. I HEAR YOU MET MY FRIEND DIANNE?! ;-) I love the pic of the two of you!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:32 AM  

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