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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

This guy is my 2005 Ride for the Roses Hero. I don’t know his name, I don’t know his story. I never got the chance to talk with him, but when I saw him haulin’ along right in the pack, doing with one pedal what the other riders were doing with two, he was my Hero. I want everybody who rides a bike to just stop and think how often you use your left leg when you ride. Take a minute and think.... Not just balance, but stopping, starting, cornering, emergency situations - all the things you encounter when you ride. Think of his guts and determination when he first got back on a bike - think of how many times he must have fallen and got back on. Think of his love for cycling... I don’t know you, but You Rock, Guy!

Now contrast with this story.... I see that Hayden Roulston has appeared in court again for public fighting in New Zealand. Hayden got nailed a couple of years ago for brawling, and was warned by the DC team management to never let that happen again. I guess his lawyer pleaded with the Judge to dismiss the case because Hayden feared that “a conviction will almost certainly spell the end of his involvement with that Discovery Channel team", according to the New Zealand Herald. However, the judge said Hayden should have known better. Hayden was convicted of disorderly behavior and fined $300. He apologized to the sport of cycling for his behavior, and acknowledged his responsibility to be a role model... OK, Hayden, now it’s time to walk the walk....

Hayden... Dude... You are riding with the Dream Team, the creme de la creme of teams and you are gonna jeopardize this by fighting over what somebody said to your friend’s girlfriend? Dude, get your act and your head together...


  • Hayden needs to read this blog. Great job contrasting what is and what should be. One anonymous guy riding with class and courage. While the other seems to be trying to blow the chance of a lifetime.

    By Anonymous Jackie Childs, At 12:08 PM  

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