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Saturday, October 22, 2005

A quick update from the Ride for the Roses, and I gotta head on over to the Kid’s thing this morning. The LiveStrong Village was hoppin’ when it opened at noon. Linda Kelly, Lance’s mom, showed up with the Grace and Isabella at her booksigning. It made the long line more desirable for people, but when Lance showed up to take the girls home, it created the usual stampede of folks with their point and shoot cameras.

I grabbed a couple of minutes to talk with him, and gave him the album of my Austin concert photos that I had created for him and Sheryl. Used an online publishing company and it looked great. Told him that I was toast for the Peloton Dinner unless he rescued me, and he said not to worry, he’s already had Higgs call the LAF folks to arrange for me to attend. What a guy!

The photo is my friend, Cameron Stewart, riding the mechanical bull. You could never tell that Cam is a cancer survivor and has gone thru Hell with his chemo, etc. He is a great kid, and so courageous. He just kept getting back in line and riding that bull again and again, with such determination and tenacity. I thought that it was exactly what Lance would have done as a kid. Whenever he fell off, he’d just get back in line to try again. He actually stuck on that critter for some long times – he looked just like a Pro on there… You can click the link to see Cam's page on my Lance fansite.


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