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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I love it! In a recent interview, Eki says he feels like a 25 year-old on the bike, and his goal is to do the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing... My Iron Man says that he loves riding for Discovery - just like family to him. You know, people say that Lance is a physical phenomenon, but Eki is a darn close close-runner up. Stamina, strength, motivation, determination, guts and experience. Let’s add ageless to the list.... Yep, he just keeps on keeping on first-class and top-notch. He’ll do the Tour of Lombardi on Sunday.... This photo is Eki at the 2004 SF Grand Prix...

So Lance is going full-speed with all his sponsor obligations and his beloved Tour of Hope, LiveStrong Rides and the Ride for the Roses. He says that he doesn’t feel retired, yet he says he’s gained ten pounds and is “hairy-legged”. Don’t forget to catch him on Saturday Night Live on Oct 29th.

Our DC guys looked real fine at the Putte-Kapellen in Belgium today. Max won last year, but took fourth this year, while Roger grabbed second spot. Riders were: Roger, Max, Jurgen, Stijn, Leif, Guennadi. Next, and last, race will be the Tour of Lombardi in Italy on Sunday. Team will be: Eki, Chechu, Jurgen, Guennadi, Leif, Stijn, Volodymyr and Janez.


  • Hi Velogel

    As an english fan of your blog, Lance & Discover it was good to see you mention Roger's second place in Belgium. Great photo of Eki.
    In Paris on the last day of LeTour this year I was at the lunch before watching the finish when Eki and Beltran turned up. What an atmosphere... I will send you a pic of eki from Lance's last great day as a Tourman, or should it be THE tourman

    By Blogger Broom Wagon Man, At 12:26 PM  

  • Can you believe it? I live in Kapellen, but I was on puppy duty. Thank you Sherpa ;-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 1:01 PM  

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