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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I’ll be heading out to Interbike early tomorrow morning, and my blog will likely be done in the afternoon/evening instead of morning while I’m in Vegas and Austin. I took this shot of Bobke last year at Interbike - he was sitting down and chewing the fat with someone while he was between book signings. The shot is a little out-of-focus, but what the Hell, so is Bobke sometimes...He’s a funny guy - he can tell story after story that just keeps everyone in stitches...

I see that Discovery guys George, Tom and Tony will be at Interbike, signing autographs for some of their product sponsors. George usually appears at the Carnac booth and of course, at the Hincapie Sportswear booth. Freddie Rodriguez is usually there . I think last year Damian Cunego was there and Gilberto Simonei, too. My friend and co-author, Phil Liggett will be there on Wednesday, I think. He was up in Calgary for Lance’s big Tour of Courage ride - raising $1.3 million. George rode along, just to keep Lance from doggin’ it too much.... They, of course, did a competitive sprint near the end of the ride. The left the corporate execs in the dust, I hear....

So thanks to a few of you who have contacted the West Decatur SPCA - I am going to give you the address where the dog is chained up: 632 Link Road, West Decatur. I’m going to call the SPCA again this morning....


  • Wow, that picture is enough to give me nightmares for a lifetime! I do love you Bobke but the look is pretty scary.

    By Anonymous Joan, At 6:17 AM  

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