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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I was finally able to catch the Tour of Poland on iTPV this morning. (See the Link) Got back from Spinning at the gym in time to see the last 7km of the race. I thought that Max was gonna take it, but Kirsipuu was too hot... Max ended up with third spot - I think he was fifth yesterday... Watching the livestreaming again (just like on CyclingTV) it sure is difficult to pick out the Discovery kits among all the other varieties of blue kits...

Just got a notice from Interbike folks that Levi is going to be there for a poster signing at the Protech booth on Thursday afternoon. Monique Sawicki will be signing on Thursday morning. I love the Protech skin care products, especially the sun protection - they handed it out to us workers at the Sea Otter - but it’s a little pricey. Good stuff, tho....

My Belgian connection tells me that Sheryl is making the rounds of the talk shows, etc in Europe to promote her new CD. I guess she’s flashing a ring the size of a heart-rate monitor. You Go, Girl! She says she’ll support Lance all the way if he decides to open a can of whoop-ass at the Tour next year (my words, not hers).

I got real lucky at the Cougar Mountain Classic. I never win anything, ever, but one of the sponsors was Treo - a drawing was held and I won a Treo 650. Guess the Cycling Gods smiled on me - it was a Verizon model and I do have Verizon for one of my cell phones. I have T-Mobile for the other, using a HP IPAQ 6315, which is a piece of crap as a phone...

I’ve called T-Mobile customer service constantly since I got the IPAQ last February, (can’t say that we are old friends, tho) for all kinds of issues, all phone related. Yesterday, I finally decided to open a can of whoop-ass, myself, and worked my insisting way up the hierarchy from customer service rep to some customer service poo-bah, who offered to exchange it for another one. My response was, “Why in the Hell didn’t this get offered to me six months ago?” I’ve been on hold for probably a minimum of 10 hours on this.. T-Mobile stopped selling the IPAQ, so they know it has problems.... A $500 pda - $500 of mine down the tubes.... Too bad their IPAQ phone doesn't work as well as this sharp, old T-M VW in the caravane at the Tour.

Now I love the T-Mobile Hotspot and Internet service - I use it everywhere I travel with my laptop and with the IPAQ, but for a cell phone, I use Verizon... My contract with T-Mobile expires in February, and I may be history with them unless I can finally stop saying, “Can you hear me now?”


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