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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Guess the biggest news is that Lance and Sheryl are putting on a Thank You Austin concert on October 2nd. A freebie - so it will be packed, for sure. They are totally footing the bill themselves, and look for a few surprise guests, too. Yep, I’m heading down there, straight from Interbike in Las Vegas to Austin. I’m hoping to get a ringside seat, or at least in the press area, so I can get some good photos.... I’ve ordered a Quantum Turbo 2x2 battery so I can flash away with my Speedlight 800.

Both Lance and Sheryl have been doing a lot of traveling. My Belgian connection, Ann, tells me that Sheryl was in London, doing a benefit show for breast cancer research on Lance’s birthday. Lance, of course, traveled to George’s celebration day in Greenville. Lance has been doing a lot of mountain biking and loves Idaho, I hear. Yes, that is where he proposed to Sheryl...

A big thank-you to a couple of my buds who spent quite a while last night spiffing up and speeding up my desktop pc. It works like a charm now, and I am totally stoked about it. Thanks, guys! Adding a 400 Gig hard drive is deluxe....

Photo is from Stage 15 podium of the 2004 Tour de France.


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