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Friday, September 16, 2005

Couple of real quick things - busy day for me. There’s a good interview with Egoi Martinez, the newly-signed Basque rider to the DC team. in Velonews. Of course, I immediately thought about a future Tour with Egoi riding thru the Pyrenees with the DC team. He’s been with Euskatel for quite a while... Perhaps the reception for the team would be a bit more friendly if Egoi is riding with them. Check the Link for the interview.

Want to let you know that I’m gonna be doing some talking with Odessa Gunn about raising some funds for animal rescue. She is an animal lover and so am I. I got the idea of contacting her when I was talking with Levi at the Cougar Mountain Classic Animal Rescue Slow Ride that he led. He said Odessa was busy with rescue efforts... I just heard from her that she has twelve rescue baby kittens that she caring for - six of which require bottle feeding. Wow - Hats off to her - she really walks the walk when it comes to caring about animals...

I’ll keep you posted on where and how you can help us to help these fellow beings on this earth - those who have no voice and have no choice, but are always our faithful companions....

Photo is Odessa and Sheryl at the 2005 Tour.


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