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Friday, October 28, 2005

Took this photo at the Ride for the Roses on Friday at the LiveStrong Village. I think the graphic designs on the backboard are just fascinating. The background poster was actually over 10 feet tall, with the design repeating. Of course, you know that these designs were used on Lance’s wheels and bike for the Tour, and the individual graphics represent significant times, and people in his life. I have two photos at the end of my first RFTR smugmug gallery, where you can take a closer look.

I have some great news about that poor dog who was chained up under those miserable conditions in West Decatur, Pennsylvania for years. (See my posts of September 26th and 28th). He now has a new, loving home where he lives inside. He is warm, well-fed, wanted and cared for. I think we should all send our good vibes and thanks to one courageous neighbor, who would not give up until she found help for that helpless creature. Thanks to all of you who wrote and called that local SPCA, and who sent your support and suggestions to me. Let’s all make a vow to not look the other way when we see an animal who is being neglected or mistreated, or who has been dumped along a road to be run over or starve to death.

The ASO and Jean Marie Leblanc showed their true L’Creep colors at the 2006 Tour route announcement event. You can follow the link to read Johan Bruyneel’s response, if you haven’t read it already.

The Cycling Gods smiled on me at the Ride for the Roses. A guy in a Discovery kit came riding right up to me at the finish, with a big grin. It was my friend Toshi, from Giro. He is just the greatest guy - funny, warm and friendly. He was the head honcho for all the DC and Lance helmet work. I think he is no longer with Giro, tho. Anyway, I was gifted with the greatest schwag! I now own a Giro Atmos - matte black with a really cool yellow swish on one side. 270 grams - light as a feather.... Thank You, Toshi - from your head to mine is cool!!


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