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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I put some of my Ride for the Roses photos up yesterday - click the Link. If you are looking for your pic riding with Lance, you can click thru the two galleries. I have hundreds more shots, so if you don’t find your photo, email me... I may have it if you were in the group right behind the media truck....

Here is an update on the Hayden Roulston incident.... "We are not going to make any decision until we exactly know what occurred, but we are obviously very disappointed to hear any rider or staff member in our organization getting involved in an incident at 3am outside a bar," said Dan Osipow. "Usually nothing good occurs outside a bar at 3am in the morning. It is not a good place to be."

It’s no surprise that Discovery Channel has a strict code of conduct clause in rider contracts "to protect the team and the sponsor... We're in Hayden's corner all the way, so we need to talk to him and find out what occurred, but by no means are we ready to jump to any conclusions," said Dan.

I guess that Johan had laid it on the line with Hayden after the last court appearance, but it doesn’t sound like the rider is on a final warning.
"We don't operate like that. We are a bit more mature than that. The riders know exactly how we feel about that. We had a conversation with Hayden last time around and moved forward. It's a bummer it happened again, but before we do anything we need to talk to Hayden."

"Again, we are on Hayden's side, and we think he can be a key element in our team, once he gets over his injury," said Osipow. Hayden had surgery to remove a nagging cyst on his backside, which sidelined his first season with the team.
Hayden says that he was part of a big group of people and was “in the wrong place at the wrong time”, and there was no fighting...

Got a note from blog reader Eva, who thinks that the awesome guy at the Ride for the Roses who was riding with one leg is an Italian named Fabrizio Macchi. I’m not sure, I thought he was an American guy...


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