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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Good thing I taped Saturday Night Live, ‘cause I zonked out right in the middle of the show and had to watch the tape. Now, if you watched it, you might say that makes a statement about that show... We all know that Lance is bike rider, not a performer, so that’s cool. But it sure seemed to me like the writing and the skits were pretty uninspired. The skit that had Lance singing to Sheryl was a pretty gutsy and funny thing for Lance to do.. As I said when he sang at the RftR bash last year, don’t quit your day job. Oh... Wait a minute, he did quit his day job...

I saw this really cool sneak preview of Wired to Win: Surviving the Tour de France (formerly titled Brain Power: Surviving the Tour de France) yesterday at the IMAX Theater at The Tech in San Jose. Daniel Ferguson, the Co-writer and Assistant Director gave us all kinds of cool stories about the making of the IMAX movie at the Tour de France. I kinda hung out at the Press Tent at finish line with some of their filming crew that year - so Daniel remembered me - he is a really cool guy and very handsome... Daniel’s presentation was so well done, and gave such insight into everything that the crew had to overcome to get the shots and get the huge cameras in place for each stage.

The scenes from the Tour are so awesome in the huge Imax format - I totally loved it! Wired to Win is actually about brain power, and the Tour segments focus on how the guys can train their minds to allow their bodies to suffer so horribly, as they all do. One of the movie promos said, “The subject of the film is the amazing ability of the human brain to overcome adversity, accomplish the near-impossible, and power each of us to victory and success in life...”

I think that Wired to Win is set to premiere in Boston in December, and out here in the West Coast in the Spring. You just absolutely have to see this fantastic IMAX movie... Click the Link for the website, which is still in process... You can also go to and search for Wired to Win to get more info.

My two top cycling movie picks are Wired to Win and Overcoming. Incidentally, I got a notice from WCP that the Overcoming CD will be shipped in mid-November, with an additional 100 minutes on a second CD.

The photo of Lance is from the Ride for the Roses this month.


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