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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Wow - The morning has flown by and why? Well, I’ve been wrestling with the intricacies of setting up my Garmin GPS 10 receiver with my Belkin Bluetooth adapter on my laptop. Basically, getting them to pair up and recognize each other. I’m pretty good at this gadget stuff (Gadget Geek Gal is us), but there’s a hitch that I can’t find and neither can the Garmin tech support.

Hmm - Garmin tech support. Very nice, knowledgeable, helpful folks. I’ve called twice before, once with a question about installing both the map CD’s that I bought, and then yesterday with an unlock problem for the additional City Select Europe version. Questions answered very efficiently. Now this morning, I waited on hold for over a half hour to get through - when I did, the tech guy was nice and helpful, but he couldn’t figure what the problem was - we were on the phone for another half hour or more. Then suddenly, the line was disconnected.

There I sat, holding a dead phone, thinking of all the time I just spent on hold, with visions of another half hour of my busy time waiting to get connected again. re-run, re-run... Hmmm - I thought, was this really an accidental disconnect? I’ve had this happen before... a little paranoia creeps in.... When the problem gets sticky, when no solution is in sight and the tech person on the other end has exceeded some time limit protocol per customer - Poof - you’re history and they’re on to the next call. Nah - that couldn't be... Could it?

I just looked a the blue blinking light on my Garmin receiver and the blue blinking light on my Belkin adapter - two feet away from each other and not able to communicate one iota.... Hmmm- I thought - it’s just like being married. With that in mind, I pulled the plug, disconnected and went on to other things... Like this blog...

As Scarlett O’Hara said, “Tomorrow is another data”.


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