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Monday, June 13, 2005

OK - time for the Lance Armstrong Live Strong Sirius Radio Monday report. Ta Dah... it was a re-run, but one that I hadn’t heard. Lance and Higgs were in Europe, just returning from the Live Strong Gala. Lance had a whirlwind weekend in Austin before they left. He’d done some voice-overs for a Dasani commercial, and went to the Grand Opening of one of three 24-Hour Fitness centers in the Austin area. Higgs said there were 300 spinning cycles out in front of the place and over 900 folks signed up to spin and raise $$ for the LAF. Said that the 24-Hour Fitness boss guy donated $24k to the LAF that day.

They talked about the Gala and Trek having seven tables reserved (I think the tables are somewhere around $10k a table). Trek really has a big presence at the Gala, with rides for their dealers with Lance, pics and stuff. They talked about the three honorees, and Lance told a funny story about Heidi Adams, the gal who was honored for starting the website Planet Cancer. She uses humor to help younger people deal with cancer. Lance said when she got off the stage after her award presentation, she said, “ Oh no, I forgot to give you the F... Cancer coffee mug that I brought”. Lance thought that was really funny.

Lance and Higgs joked about the rumors that he and Sheryl had split, and Lance said that he had attended the Gala with four females... Sheryl, Grace, Isabella, and his mom, Linda. Said that the twins, at three years, didn’t find the Gala to be very interesting, so they made an early exit from the evening’s activities. Lance said that Luke had just had his tonsils out, so he couldn’t go with them.

Lance said that he had played golf with some of the guys who were at the Gala, but that he just really can’t get into golf... Said that he’d hit some good shots, but golf just isn’t his thing.

Watched the OLN broadcast of the Philly race. It’s always fun to see, ‘cause just like the Tour, I see interviews and stuff and know that I was right there, just standing outside camera range, or standing right beside the camera guy. I sent some pics to Mike Creed’s website guy - he has a few of my shots of MC already up. And the Race Commissaire asked me to take some shots of him (a la Jean Marie LeBlanc), so I sent a few pics of him looking very much in charge of the race, while standing head and shoulders out of the sunroof of the lead official car . And I sent some pics to the great folks at Bliss Restaurant. Sorting thru a couple of thousand images to find specific pics is really time-consuming, even though each race is in its own folder. But, it's OK, I always believe that what goes around, comes around...


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