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Friday, June 10, 2005

I saw that Chechu crashed yesterday during the climb up Mt. Ventoux at the Dauphine - he finished the stage, so hope he is OK. Road rash and bruises ... I bet somebody did something stupid right in front of him and down he went. Lance was interviewed and said he’s looking forward to being a “hairy-legged guy” after he retires. I don’t think so - he’s still gonna be on his bike... He and Sheryl are going on a two-week vacation with the kids right after the Tour ends...

I was surprised about the amount of interest in our Tour de France for Dummies book while I was in Philly. One of the Borders Bookstores sold out (Yeah, I know - they may have only ordered three copies and I had to buy one of them so I could show it to everyone). Everyone was looking through it - Of course, the first guy who looked at it turned right to an error in spelling of Raymond Poulidor’s name. Dude, I said - it wasn’t in the part I wrote - don’t tell me about it... Unfortunately, there are a few typos and errors that should have been caught....

Well, the big Bike Naked Day is going to be on tomorrow in London - last year they had a police escort. Nope, not to jail, just around Hyde Park. Bobbies for Boobies and Bottoms, I guess. Yikes, forget that I said that, OK? But you can check out the link at the bottom (‘scuse me) of the post...


  • I see the DC area is not sponsoring Naked Bike Ride day. We're too boring here. Maybe I'll see if I can organize something.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 9:39 AM  

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