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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Can you believe the great racing at the Dauphine and we can’t see it at all?, OLN live streaming - where are you? Stage Four sounded like it was a great one to watch, dammit! Lance is now second in the GC by 21 seconds. Makes me want to catch an overnight flight, you know, like leave for the Tour a few weeks early and catch the Dauphine....

I received a gmail from a guy I met at the Ride for the Roses about four years ago, a TC survivor named Bob Hammer. He sent a pic of the most adorable, cute kids... He is a strong supporter of the LAF and here is his story:

I am organizing a golf tournament in Sunnyvale, CA. on Sunday July 24th, 2005 to raise money for Lance's Foundation, which is extremely dear to my heart considering Lance and his Foundation are responsible for the birth of my son, Joshua. Here is some information on our event.

I am a two-time Testicular Cancer survivor. I had just finished 26 rounds of Chemotherapy in April of 2001 when I raised enough money to participate in Lance's annual Ride for the Roses event in Austin. I met two men there who introduced me to Lance's doctor, Dr. Craig Nichols. I was scheduled to have a surgery the following week at Stanford which would have prevented me from ever having children again.

Long story short, I did not have surgery, and Josh Hammer, who was conceived naturally after Testicular Cancer, is currently 2 years old. I have a goal of $25,000 to Lance's Foundation.

I have brought aboard fellow Peloton Member Steven Seaweed to help me on this event. He is a DJ for the #1 Classic Rock station here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many people know Steven, as he has been a prominent D J in the S.F. Bay Area since 1973. He is also a recent cancer survivor.

We have our own website Have a Ball Golf Tournament and I have even established the "Have a Ball Foundation" with goals of grants for research, as well as cancer awareness for young adults via visits to local High Schools about cancer awareness.

Ok, Lance Fans, if you’re a golfer and in the Bay Area, why don’t you head on over that Sunday and Have a Ball supporting the LAF? I’m gonna be in France with Lance, but if I was here, I’d go! Check out the link below that Bob sent from an article last year on ESPN Sports.

I put some Wachovia Cycling Series shots up on my smugmug gallery, and will add some more of our DC guys later today. I took a few shots of the teams sweating and suffering up Manayunk. It was very different for me to have the sponsor shoot assignment instead of my usual race photos.


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