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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Talk about an exciting finish for Stage 17 - I was on the rivets of my desk chair! Il Falcon holds on the GC lead by a much slimmer margin than yesterday - something like 42 seconds. He’s having to do the battle alone, against teams that still have good climbers to attack and wear him out. Come on . Paolo, Be Like Lance!! And he may be able to gain some good time in the TT tomorrow.

I had to jump up from the finish and go to a meeting, so blog was delayed. has a good recap of what is going on with the DC racers. I can’t wait to see the guys in Philly.

I gotta go to the office, sorry that the blog is blah.... But I may have some interesting news for you in a few weeks.. Can’t say anymore now...Nah, it’s about me, not Lance, this time....


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